What is an Arachnoid?

The Jakeopods are a unique race, when it comes to physical appearance, behavior, and capability there is no match to them. One of these many Jakeopod castes is the Arachnoid. What is it? And how can it hinder your life?

So, What is It?

The Arachnoid is considered a Fleshcobbled caste, meaning that its birthing process involves already existing Jakeopods stitching corpses into a beautiful new form. “They are nothing more than light infantry,” says esteemed Podologist Leo Edmund, and our scientists could not agree more! The Arachnoids are basically all legs, with a swollen and bloated body crowned at the top.

This doesn’t sound that intimidating, but in practice the creature is quite dangerous. As its long spindly legs are roughly 12 meters tall, and tipped with spiked feet, an angry Arachnoid could easily trample or stab you to death. Their bloated body is also armed with a large lamprey-like mouth, so if their oscillating grasping chelae do manage to catch you, its game over.

This thing is fucking horrifying, what should I do?

Worry not my friend! The Arachnoid is the equivalent of a watchtower, and you’ll only find them in close proximity to Jakeopod hives. If you see one within a generous distance, it will likely unfurl its prismatic green intimidation tendrils. Don’t worry, it only wants you to leave the area at any speed you deem fit. If you continue going towards the defensive (but merciful) Arachnoid, it will curl its prismatic intimidation tendrils into maroon spikes and begin to chase you.

Arachnoids can stride at speeds of 300 kilometers per hour, so at this point all hope is lost. Send your family and lovers goodbyes, and maybe write that Will you’ve been procrastinating on.

If you have any sense of basic logic, you should immediately leave in the opposite direction upon seeing an Arachnoid in the horizon. After getting to a safe point, you should call the Hivebusters through a delegated hivebooth to terminate the Jakeopod Hive nearby. If you are in a vicinity in which the Arachnoid’s intimidation tendrils are unfurled, run for you life!


Arachnoids are creatures who have been fearmongered by digital trolls and silly hooligans who want to scare the gullible. Thankfully, Arachnoids are only found guarding and patrolling Jakeopod hive borders. So, unless you live or work near a fully fledged Jakeopod hive, you should be completely safe.

While you shouldn’t be afraid of Arachnoids, you should absolutely respect and understand them. To learn more about them and how to deal with one, check out your nearest Jakeopod awareness booth.

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