What to do if you spot a Spiddler, survival guide

Spiddlers are a danger among both the inhabitants of the outer and inner districts. While they may seem harmless, and possibly even goofy, the Spiddler can pack a punch and possibly end your life if you are not careful. In this guide we will discuss how to survive, and detect, a Spiddler.

What is a Spiddler?

A Spiddler is a type of Jakeopod, specifically that of the Inbred class, which is delegated to very simple offensive/defensive tasks. Roughly the size of an especially large housecat. The Spiddler uses its sharp, hooked legs to leap onto the faces of threats and tear them apart.

What if I bump into a Spiddler?

Spiddlers are very hostile, and will begin undulating their intimidation flaps if any non-Jakeopod organism comes into a 16 feet range. At 8 feet, the creature will turn aggressive and attack. As such, the most logical course of action may be to slowly back away, as with other Jakeopods. This will not work with Spiddlers.

Spiddlers are very hostile, and will attack regardless of circumstance if you are in their range of attack. If you move slow enough, it will likely to deem you a threat and begin its assault. If you see a Spiddler, run.

What if a Spiddler latches onto me?

There is no hope.

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