What to do if you spot a Jakeopod?

Jakeopods are often quite scary, intimidating, or maybe even dangerous. But following the steps disclosed below should help you stay safe from these equally terrifying, and majestic creatures. (And no, weapons will not save you.)

How likely is it to spot a Jakeopod?

The chance of spotting a full post-nymph Jakeopod is very rare, however not zero. If you stay near the central districts, you should be safe from all but the harmless larva or imago. Jakeopod nests and hives are more dense around wooded areas, or abandoned buildings.

What should I do if I spot a Jakeopod?

Jakeopods are very intelligent creatures, and are aware of the threat a sapient organism like you could pose. The most commonly spotted Jakeopods are apart of the Assimilated class, including the Plerergates, Anthozoa, Cryozoa, Manraumba, and Kiytophants. These Jakeopods are equally terrified of you as you are of them. The best thing to do would be to sheath all plasma pistols, swords, or other weapons, and slowly walk away while facing the creature.

Encountering more dangerous Jakeopods, ie Primitive, Adapted, or Fleshcobbled Jakeopods is likely a death sentence if you are reckless. The most commonly spotted in these classifications are Hantophacks, Eeez, Shockers, Siphanotoa, Bristlebacks, Hiikledanks, and Kimboslaw. Their behavior is dictated by the color of their undulating dorsal sheaths, and its most logical to follow this rhyme depending on their colors:

If they’re red, you are going to be dead

If they’re blue, your in the clear

If they’re black, death is near


Jakeopods are terrifying creatures if you are unprepared or misunderstood about their behavior and aggression. However, if you know the correct information, you should be safe from these fascinating organisms. Report sightings immediately upon seeing a Jakeopod.

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  1. Wow, this is really informative. Thank you for making this! I recently spotted a Ghlya’k Jakeopod and had no idea what to do, thanks for the help!

    1. No problem dude! We are only here to help, make sure to report Pure Jakeopods like the one you saw to the JPC.

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