How to Spot a Mimick

A dangerous new caste of Jakeopod has been identified by the Department of Jakeopod Awareness; the Mimick. What is a Mimick? How dangerous is it? What should YOU be doing to keep yourself safe?

What is a Mimick?

The Mimick’s actual physical appearance is unknown, as Hivebusters have only found and slain humanoid Mimicks. What we do know is that they stay in the Hive until they are expelled by their kin for hogging too many resources.

What will a Mimick do?

When a Mimick is expelled from its hive, it will immediately seek out urban residence. It will stalk the rooftops until it finds an isolated citizen, the details at this point are murky, but somehow it completely degloves its victim. The Mimick will then use its tar-like membranes to adhere the skin to its body. At which point, an imperfect copy of the original person is made. The Mimick will spend the rest of days, stumbling around, trying to blend in, and kidnapping people to eat.

How to identify a Mimick

We do not actually know what a Mimick looks like before it assumes its human form, but we do know what it looks like when it enters its costume. Generally speaking, they are easy to identify; but we fear that this may change. Even if you cannot identify a Mimick through its costume, try and look out for strange gaits and personality changes in the people around you. Do not trust anyone who beckons you to come with them alone, unless you are willing to risk it and trust your identification skills.

Mimicks with imperfect costumes are often:

  • Improperly proportioned
  • Abnormally tall or short
  • Afflicted with various poxes, such as leprosy
  • Missing digits on their feet and hands
  • Ill-mannered, and socially inept in esoteric ways

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